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Stuart Turner Pumps In apartments

Reactive Property Maintenance, repair about 8 to 10 pumps in apartments and houses a week. These are the pumps that are usually in the  hot press and come on when you turn on a tap of have as shower. 9 times out of 10 the problems with these pumps are straight forward to repair , its couple of tests , fit a few parts and off they go again for another couple of years.

We often get calls from people asking to quote of a pump replacement as part of property maintenance and when we actually ask the person why they want to  replace the pump, they usually tell us that a plumber has been out and the pump needs to be replaced. This is usually not the case (except for certain Tec Flow pumps, or plastic body pumps) and the plumber doesn’t have the experience how to repair the pump  and replacement is the easiest option for them.

A replacement negative head pump costs €585 + VAT!!! (yeah really) before the additional plumbing fittings and labour to fit it !!!  But with our knowledge and expertise we usually repair these pumps for less that half the cost of a replacement pump. So when your pump stops call us…


Lock Down 3 , Jan 2021

Reactive Property Maintenance will remain OPEN to provide essential and emergency Property Maintenance Services to all of our Customers during Lock Down 3 . Please

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